Give me a break!


You work hard – at your job, raising your kids, and just taking care of yourself. Add caring to an aging parent on top of that, and you’ve got a recipe for stress. But it’s not only stressful for you – your loved one may be able to sense the strain as well. That’s why, every once in a while, you and your special senior need time to recharge your batteries.

It gives you a break from each other

No matter how much you love your senior, caregiving involves an intense relationship. You both need some distance every once in a while to reaffirm who you are as individuals; not just care-er and care-ee.

It’s like a vacation for your loved one

You like vacations, right? Well, so does your loved one! Respite care at a long-term facility is like going to a hotel, where every need is addressed for them. Add to that the camraderie of their peers, and a bunch of fun activities, and all that’s missing is the post-vacation tan!

It helps you take better care of your loved one

Yep, that’s right: respite care can actually help you be a better caregiver. You’re less likely to suffer from burnout, forget important doctors’ appointments, and suffer from stress-related illnesses. After all, in order to care for someone else, you have to make sure you’re being taken care of, too!

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