Palliative Care & Hospice

As life’s journey nears the end, we are honored to comfort, care for and support our residents and their families as they celebrate each day with dignity. Often physical or psychological conditions make that journey very difficult to continue at home. Vernon Manor has excellent equipment and technology, a warm comforting environment and highly skilled, experienced and compassionate staff to serve the needs of you and your family.

We provide our residents with the most comfortable experience possible with several options:

  • Care from the Vernon Manor staff
  • Services from other experienced and well known providers that are renowned for delivering excellent care and compassion 

About Hospice Care

Hospice Care services are available to people of all ages with limited life expectancy, generally six months or less. Hospice is only delivered when all curative treatments have been stopped. While we understand that choosing hospice care is never easy, we believe that early hospice care can be very beneficial to the resident and the family.

Under the Medicare Hospice Benefit, any medications and medical equipment are covered, reducing the financial burden on loved ones.

For more information about Hospice Care at Vernon Manor, we welcome you to contact us.