Personalized Services

At Vernon Manor, we honor and respect each individual in our care. We understand that everyone is at a singular place on this journey and each person deserves care that meets his or her specific needs.

As such, each resident enjoys a high level of personalized services and a care plan developed just for him or her. Most importantly, we put the resident at the center of care; everything we do revolves around the individual.

Interdisciplinary Team Conferences

Vernon Manor Health Care Center uses a team approach in assessing and caring for residents. This team approach is cultivated through the care planning process. The care planning team consists of:

  • The family and resident
  • Registered Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Dietician
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Social Worker
  • Rehab Staff (if appropriate)

Working together, we gather both medical and social history to understand where the resident is currently in his or her life process. A synopsis of the resident’s current status, goals and concerns are all addressed during these meetings. To ensure that the most appropriate care is delivered, we re-assess the resident and his or her needs on a regular basis. 

Nutrition & Dining

Vernon Manor has a Registered Dietitian on staff that works with the other members of the interdisciplinary team to help optimize the nutritional care of each patient. The role of the dietitian includes the completion of a nutritional assessment and development of a plan of care that best suits the resident’s individual needs. This includes nutrition education for the resident and his or her family, monitoring appetite and weight changes, and providing nutritional intervention for those with wounds and participating in resident care plan meetings.