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Winners of the 2016 Hartford Business Journal Family Business Awards

Arbors of Hop Brook, Manchester Manor Health Care Center and Vernon Manor Health Care Center under the Umbrella name of Arbors of Hop Brook, won 1st Place in the Large Employer Category (200+ Employees) in the Hartford Family Business Journal Awards.  These awards recognize outstanding acheivements amoungst family-owned businesses; it honor companies that had particularly strong successes by completing expansions, growing revenues, adding employees or fulfilling major projects while still staying rooted in thier traditions.  The winners are determined by a panel of judges from Klingberg Fam

Three questions you should ask when seeking quality short-term care

For seniors recovering after surgery, the decision of where to stay during the healing process is a critical one. It’s important for patients to have confidence that the facility where they will spend time has qualified medical experts and a standard of living that encourages wellness in a supportive environment.

Give me a break!


You work hard – at your job, raising your kids, and just taking care of yourself. Add caring to an aging parent on top of that, and you’ve got a recipe for stress. But it’s not only stressful for you – your loved one may be able to sense the strain as well. That’s why, every once in a while, you and your special senior need time to recharge your batteries.

Clinical Care You Can Count On

Post-hospital rehabilitation can be a daunting experience in an unfamiliar environment. If it happens to be your first experience with surgery, you might be unsure how you will be treated by the medical staff assisting with your recovery. Or you might find it hard to sleep or adjust expectations in a strange environment.

Tips for regulating your body temperature as the seasons change

Spring is on the horizon, but it sometimes takes the weather a while to catch up with the reality on your calendar. Because of that, climate control is particularly important at this time of year for people of all ages, especially seniors.

How long-term care can support families and their loved ones

The decision to transition a family member into long-term care can be difficult and painful. Yet under the right circumstances, it can also provide comfort, both for the family and the loved one who will benefit from the caring support of medical professionals.

Why Alzheimer’s education is essential

As more Americans experience Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the roles of qualified staff educators and direct care staff have never been more important. In fact, the important contributions of these people has led to special annual recognition during the winter known as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week, which emphasizes the importance of training and certification related to dementia care.

Why You’ll Love Celebrating American Heart Month This February

For starters, our hearts have been with us a long time. Consider that your first heart cells began beating as early as four weeks after conception, according to the Cleveland Clinic. You’ve tallied up quite a few heart beats since then!

Designed for Outcomes: Our New Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Gym Speeds Successful Recoveries

In choosing a post-hospital rehabilitation program after a surgery, illness or injury, you want every possible advantage to achieve a full and speedy recovery, and a return to the lifestyle that brings enjoyment, meaning and purpose to your life. While there are numerous post-hospital care options available today, not all of them are equal in terms of the number and type of services they offer, and the quality of results they achieve.