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Understanding the Value of Stroke Rehabilitation

7 Key Reasons Why Recover Right is Your Best Rehab Option

For a variety of reasons, such as insurance coverage and the high cost of inpatient hospital care, many inpatients today leave the hospital before they are fully recovered and ready to safely return home. Many of these patients can benefit from Post-Hospital Rehabilitation, which provides patients with a means to complete their recovery in a less costly, more pleasant and comfortable environment.

Occupational Therapy: Getting You Back to Every Day Life!

Today, as increasing numbers of post-hospital patients complete their recovery in the comfort of Post-Acute Care (PAC) Centers, they are experiencing the value and benefits of Occupational Therapy services. Occupational therapy is a very important component of the overall recovery and rehabilitation process, and assists individuals in returning to the things they enjoy doing most in life.

Getting the Most out of Your Post-Hospital Recovery Stay

Today, many patients who have been discharged from the hospital after an illness, injury or surgery are benefitting greatly from continuing their care and recovery in a Post-Acute Care (PAC) center. As is the case for many hospital patients today, they are discharged before they are completely recovered and ready to return home — primarily due to insurance issues and the high cost of inpatient care.  

Not only do PAC centers offer a less expensive recovery setting, they also provide a more relaxed and comfortable recovery environment for patients.

Post-Acute Care Smoothes the Transition Between Hospital and Home