Specialized Technology to Help You Rebuild, Recover and Renew

Our Specialized Advanced Technology & Diagnostics

Patients in the Recover Right program enjoy the exceptional care we provide with the assistance of specialized advanced technology. Vernon Manor’s investment in innovative equipment and modalities support our efforts to help you rebuild, recover and renew and get you home quickly, safely and confidently.

  • Novaerus Airborne Infection Control – Patented plasma technology scrubs the air to remove airborne bacteria, pathogens, mold, allergen and odors
  • Medline EKG Monitor – Accurately records, stores and shares cardiac rhythms for easy and quick diagnosis and care
  • Medline ZOE® Fluid Monitor – A non-invasive monitor designed as an “early warning” monitor for determining changes in the fluid state of patients with fluid management problems
  • Direct Supply Doppler Ultrasound – An important tool for clinicians, this is a non-invasive way to provide live audio of blood flow
  • PointRight – Supports quality improvements through predictive analytics, with emphasis on reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and enhancing the quality of care for patients.
  • PointClickCare Post-Acute Electronic Health Record – Software that allows Vernon Manor to maintain a single, consistent repository of patient information and conduct a central hub to manage financial, clinical and administrative functions