Quality Measures

The Care You Deserve. The Results You Desire.

When you’re choosing a provider for post-hospital rehabilitation, do your homework. By researching different providers, you can find the one that is most qualified to meet your needs for recovery.

Be sure to choose a provider that delivers quality rehabilitation care and therapy with proven, documented results.

At Vernon Manor, our high-quality care is effective, efficient, patient-centered and timely, resulting in successful outcomes, including:

  • LOWER rates of 30-day Hospital Readmission than the national averages
  • LOWER Lengths of Stay than the state and national averages
  • HIGHER rates of Patient Satisfaction than the national average
  • HIGHER ratings for CMS Five-Star Rating than local facilities

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Patient Satisfaction

Graph 1

Source: MyInnerview

Length of Stay

Graph 2

Source: Polaris

30-Day Hospital Re-Admission

Graph 3

Source: COMS

Therapy Outcomes

Graph 4

Source: Rehab Care


This is the personalized, quality rehabilitation care you deserve. And the outcome you want – a safe return home.