Today, many patients who have been discharged from the hospital after an illness, injury or surgery are benefitting greatly from continuing their care and recovery in a Post-Acute Care (PAC) center. As is the case for many hospital patients today, they are discharged before they are completely recovered and ready to return home — primarily due to insurance issues and the high cost of inpatient care.

Not only do PAC centers offer a less expensive recovery setting, they also provide a more relaxed and comfortable recovery environment for patients.

PAC centers offer an excellent recovery option, and there are several things you can do to make sure your recovery experience is the very best possible. For starters, it is very important to select the PAC community that offers you the best chance of success for your specific rehabilitation needs.

Picking the Best PAC Option for Your Unique Needs

Kristi Dougherty, RN, BSN, MSM, MBA, Administrator of Vernon Manor Health Care Center, says, “Among the most important things you can do to optimize your recovery success is to select a community that will give you the greatest possible advantage in achieving a full recovery. Leading post-hospital rehabilitative programs such as Recover Right at Vernon Manor include a full range of rehabilitation services, the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, specialized medical expertise, a comfortable, engaging environment and healthy, nutritious meals. A documented record of success in achieving high quality patient outcomes is also an extremely important factor to consider.”

Ms. Dougherty adds, “Medicare, and the American Hospital Association, suggest several important factors to consider when selecting a PAC center for your rehabilitation and recovery.”

They include:

• Certification by Medicare/Medicaid
• Specialized services and expertise in the type of post-hospital care you require, cardiac rehab, stroke rehab and orthopaedic care
• High quality patient recovery outcomes using national standards
• High patient satisfaction levels
• A full-time Registered Nurse (RN) in the center at all times
• Multiple insurance plans are accepted
• Personalized care plans
• Social engagement activities
• A clean and attractive environment
• A choice of nutritious food items for each meal
• Family-friendly visiting hours
• Outdoor areas for patient use
• Quiet areas where patients can visit with friends and family

Other Keys to Optimizing Your Recovery Experience

In addition to selecting a PAC center that offers the best chance for a full and speedy recovery, there are other measures you take during your rehabilitation process that will contribute to the quality of your experience and a positive end result. For example:

• Participate with your care team in discussing and setting your rehab and recovery goals.
• Be your own advocate. If you have questions or do not understand something regarding your rehab plan, be sure to ask your care team about it.
• Think Positive! Enjoy your time to relax and recover. Also, try to visualize yourself being fully recovered and back at home doing all the things you enjoy. Having a positive attitude about your rehabilitation is also important.
• Let your care team know if you are experiencing pain. Some discomfort is normal when you are rehabbing after a surgery or injury and using muscles that you haven’t used in a while.
• Take advantage of the highly nutritious meals you are served. Good nutrition is also very important to your recovery – and something you should continue when you return home.
• Invite your family to visit you often for support and encouragement, as well as to receive updates from your care team. Leading post-hospital rehabilitation centers have family-friendly visiting policies.
• Be sure you follow your care team’s instructions after you return home regarding what you should and should not do. This will help you to achieve the best results possible.

By choosing your PAC provider wisely and by taking full advantage of the rehabilitation services at your disposal, you can get the most out of your rehabilitation experience and achieve the best outcome possible – from hospital to health to home!

Experience State-of-the-Art Post-Hospital Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care at Its Best

Located in Vernon, CT, Vernon Manor has proudly served the communities of Hartford and Tolland Counties for nearly 40 years, earning a highly respected reputation for delivering outstanding quality care, successful outcomes and exceptional service for our patients, residents and their families. We provide a proven rehabilitation program to enable patients to continue on their path to recovery as well as compassionate long-term care for loved ones who require 24-hour nursing support.

Rebuild. Recover. Renew.

Vernon Manor’s Recover Right Post-Hospital Rehabilitation program provides you with all the support, expertise and encouragement you need to achieve a full recovery and a speedy return home.

For more information on Recover Right Post-Hospital Rehabilitation or long-term care – or to schedule an informative tour at your convenience – please contact our Director of Admissions at (860) 858-5010 or contact us online.