According to the National Stroke Association, strokes affect everybody differently. Many stroke survivors continue to improve over a long period of time, and sometimes over a number of years. Recovery from stroke involves making changes in the physical, social and emotional aspects of your life to prevent additional strokes, as well as to facilitate your life-long recovery.

It is normal to feel angry, anxious or depressed after a stroke. You may feel worried about work, money and relationships, and the tiredness caused by stroke can exacerbate things. That is why stroke rehabilitation is such an important part of your recovery and for the continuation of your life.

The long-term goal of stroke rehabilitation is to improve daily functions so that stroke patients can become as independent as possible. This must be accomplished in a way that preserves dignity and motivates the person to relearn basic skills that the stroke may have impaired – skills like bathing, eating, dressing and walking.

Rehabilitation is about getting life back to normal and living as independently as possible. It involves taking an active approach to ensure that your life continues. This can mean learning new skills or relearning old ones. It may involve adapting to new limitations and post-stroke conditions.

Early recovery and rehabilitation can improve daily functions, and sometimes, may lead to remarkable recoveries for someone who suffered a stroke. With good care and rehabilitation, there is life after stroke.

Recover Right Post-Hospital Rehabilitation: Your Fast-Track to Recovery and Home

Where you choose to recover can make all the difference in your recovery. Leading post-hospital stroke rehabilitation programs, such as Vernon Manor’s Recover Right, specialize in returning patients home safely and successfully. Featuring beautifully appointed surroundings, a team of caring, experienced and compassionate professionals, the latest in technology, and a record of exceptional patient outcomes, Vernon Manor offers patients and residents the finest in care, comfort and results.

Using the Latest Best Practices to Ensure the Best Recovery Results

As a leading stroke rehabilitation center, Vernon Manor follows the latest clinical, best-practice guidelines established by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association as follows:

• The primary goals of rehabilitation are to prevent complications, minimize impairments and maximize function.
• Secondary prevention is fundamental to prevent stroke recurrence, as well as coronary vascular events and coronary heart disease-mediated death.
• Early assessment and intervention are critical to optimize rehabilitation.
• Standardized evaluations and valid assessment tools are essential to development of a comprehensive treatment plan.
• Evidence-based interventions should be based on functional goals.
• Every patient should have access to an experienced, multidisciplinary rehabilitation team to ensure an optimal outcome.
• The patient and the patient’s family members and/or caregivers are essential members of the rehabilitation team.
• Patient and family education improves informed decision making, social adjustment and maintenance of rehabilitation gains.
• The multidisciplinary team should utilize available resources for community reintegration.
• Ongoing medical management of risk factors and comorbidities is essential, (e.g. lifestyle changes can help you recover from a stroke and may help prevent another one.) Examples of these changes include quitting smoking, following a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active.

Kristi Dougherty, RN, BSN, MSM, MBA, Administrator of Vernon Manor Health Care Center, says, “Strokes can be very frightening for anyone. However, with the specially trained staff, the latest therapies, and the advanced technology we provide at Vernon Manor, patients and their families come to us with the knowledge that they will receive the best rehabilitative care possible in a comfortable and highly-supportive patient-centered environment.”

Personalized Care Plans Developed by a Team of Professionals

To help each patient meet their stroke recovery goals, personalized rehabilitation plans are created by our team of professionals, which include:

• Medical Director
• Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
• Therapeutic recreation
• Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants
• Dietary and Nutrition Specialists
• Social services workers

Specialized Services and Facilities Optimize Your Recovery

To provide patients with the quality they deserve, physical, occupational and speech therapies are available seven days a week at Vernon Manor. Additionally, our brand new gym elevates the quality of rehabilitation therapy – and outcomes – to new levels. This modern facility is specially designed to support both physical and occupational therapy exercise regimens designed by our therapy team. It offers new, state-of-the-art therapy equipment, and is ideal for rehabilitating stroke patients who might have diminished motor skills.

Using their specialized skills, resources and supportive technology, our multidisciplinary team addresses a variety of stroke conditions including: cognitive deficits, muscle weakness or paralysis, speech and language problems, difficulty swallowing, difficulty walking and balance problems and visual perceptual problems.

Exceptional Care in Modern, Spacious Surroundings

Accredited by CARF/CCAC (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities/the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission), Vernon Manor’s Recover Right program is provided in our newly updated post-acute and medically complex care wings. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for the latest in patient care and outcomes, these modern, hotel-like facilities offer innovations in care, technology and accommodations, helping patients rebuild, recover, renew and return safely home.

The Recover Right program features include:

• Hotel-like private and semi-private rooms with clinical accommodations
• New indoor lounges and patios for patients and visitors
Dining room or at-your-service in-room dining from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
• Hospitality areas with beverages, and hot-or-cold food choices available 24/7
• Revolutionary airborne-pathogen filtration and air-freshness system

Experience State-of-the-Art Post-Hospital Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care at Its Best

Located in Vernon, CT, Vernon Manor has proudly served the communities of Hartford and Tolland Counties for nearly 40 years, earning a highly respected reputation for delivering outstanding quality care, successful outcomes and exceptional service for our patients, residents and their families. We provide a proven rehabilitation program to enable patients to continue on their path to recovery as well as compassionate long-term care for loved ones who require 24-hour nursing support.

Rebuild. Recover. Renew.

Vernon Manor’s Recover Right Post-Hospital Rehabilitation program provides you with all the support, expertise and encouragement you need to achieve a full recovery and a speedy return home.

For more information on Recover Right Post-Hospital Rehabilitation or long-term care – or to schedule an informative tour at your convenience – please contact our Director of Admissions at (860) 858-5010 or contact us online.