For starters, our hearts have been with us a long time. Consider that your first heart cells began beating as early as four weeks after conception, according to the Cleveland Clinic. You’ve tallied up quite a few heart beats since then!

Next, our hearts remind us of the value of exercise. The Cleveland Clinic reports regular exercise—an activity that costs us nothing, compared to paying the health bills that can come from heart disease—is the best way to achieve heart health. Not only does exercise build our muscles, it also relieves tension and reduces stress, which can be a big benefit for our hearts, according to the American Heart Association.

Another reason to be grateful for our hearts is that they remind us of the value of the women in our lives. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and so fundraisers to support heart-health research, social media campaigns and general educational guidelines can go a long way toward supporting these wonderful people, according to the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.

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